Nashville SC Meme Review

If there is one thing we here at Has Been appreciate about the NSC community, its that you guys are a bunch of meme lords. Its amazing! Sooooo, I thought that every couple of weeks I would screenshot, review & rate some of our favorite Nashville SC memes.

1. Bob the Tomato

What started off as a way for HasBeen admin Brian to Scold @NSCguru on twitter (aka Travis, the head of meme development) turned into a full on rallying cry for the Soccer stadium at the fairgrounds. When the mayor who shall not be named decided to ignore a decision made by the city council and attempted to prevent any construction from beginning Bob was spammed in the replies of literally anything he posted. It has since been used anytime someone on NSC twitter does something naughty. I give it 8 chuckles out of 10

2. The spam meme

We are all children, every last one of us… After every single NSC win (and sometimes a draw) we absolutely flood the opposing teams replies on their final score tweet with just bottom of the barrel trash memes. AND I LOVE IT. This is honestly where ill pull the majority of the memes from for future editions of this series. 10 chuckles

3. Stephen

Stephen. 1 Stephen-y chuckle

Make sure you tag @HasBeenSports in any future Nashville SC memery, you just might end up on NASHVILLE SC MEME REVIEW

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