HasBeen NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

Injuries sure were a killer around the NFL in week 2. It was brutal to watch some of the best players in the game be lost for the season, or at least multiple weeks. Here’s to better luck on that front this week.

Here are our NFL power rankings heading from week 2 to week 3:

  1. Baltimore Ravens (previous ranking: 2)

There isn’t a team that’s looked as smooth as the Ravens have through two weeks. That defense is scary and the offense could be better than last year.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (previous ranking: 1)

I’ve seen a lot of overreaction this week to the Chiefs’ close win against the Chargers. I promise you, they’re going to be OK.

3. Green Bay Packers (previous ranking: 4)

My Packers look really good so far, particularly offensively. Aaron Jones had a big day against Detroit and Aaron Rodgers looks as dominant as he ever has. Big game this weekend against New Orleans.

4. Seattle Seahawks (previous ranking: 6)

Put Russell Wilson at the top of the list in the MVP conversation through the first two weeks.

5. Los Angeles Rams (previous ranking: 10)

The Rams look dangerous and Sean McVay looks like Boy Wonder again. Could be very dangerous in the NFC West.

6. Tennessee Titans (previous ranking: 5)

The hometown Titans are 2-0 but looked pretty shaky defensively on Sunday against the Jags. However, Ryan Tannehill looks like a stud.

7. Buffalo Bills (previous ranking: 7)

What has gotten into Josh Allen so far? He seems to be really enjoying the new addition of Stefon Diggs.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (previous ranking: 8)

Don’t sleep on the Steelers in the AFC. That defense and the experience that #7 has is going to make them a tough out for anyone.

9. Arizona Cardinals (previous ranking: 13)

Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins have been the most fun combination in the NFL through the first two weeks.

10. New Orleans Saints (previous ranking: 3)

You could tell the Saints really missed Michael Thomas against the Raiders. Drew Brees seems to be struggling to get the ball down the field.

11. Las Vegas Raiders (previous ranking: 18)

It was quite the impressive home-opening win for the Raiders in their new home at the Giant Roomba in Vegas.

12. New England Patriots (previous ranking: 11)

Cam Newton looks like he’s going to be the best bargain in the NFL so far. Impressive two-week stretch for him in New England.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (previous ranking: 12)

Tom Brady still didn’t look great, but the Bucs handled the Panthers pretty easily and Mike Evans looks completely healthy again.

14. Indianapolis Colts (previous ranking: 17)

Tough news on the injury front for the Colts losing Malik Hooker for the season. They totally dominated Minnesota from start to finish.

15. San Francisco 49ers (previous ranking: 9)

No team got hit harder with injuries than the Niners. Losing Jimmy G, Mostert and Nick Bosa all in the same day is tough. They’re trending heavily in the wrong direction.

16. Dallas Cowboys (previous ranking: 16)

Only the Atlanta Falcons could make the Cowboys look somewhat competent. Staring down the barrel of 0-2, it took an all-time gaffe from the Falcons on an onside recovery “attempt” to get the Cowboys in the win column. Dak looked great.

17. Los Angeles Chargers (previous ranking: 19)

The Chargers took the Chiefs to the wire with rookie QB Justin Herbert. By the way, did you see what the team doctors did to Tyrod Taylor? Talk about a nightmare.

18. Houston Texans (previous ranking: 15)

It’s really hard to figure out what the Texans are because their schedule literally could not have been any more difficult so far.

19. Chicago Bears (previous ranking: 23)

The Bears are 2-0 but they’re total frauds.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (previous ranking: 26)

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been really impressed by what I’ve seen from Jacksonville and Gardner Minshew through the first two weeks. They’re not going to be as bad as most people thought they would be.

21. Washington Football Team (previous ranking: 22)

Is there a more forgettable team in the NFL than Washington?

22. Cleveland Browns (previous ranking: 27)

Nick Chubb looked awesome against the Bengals. That has to be the formula for the Browns if they want to find success.

23. Minnesota Vikings (previous ranking: 14)

Kirk Cousins and the Vikings have been absolutely abysmal through the first two weeks, and now that defense suffered another blow with the loss of Anthony Barr. Having said that, the Titans had better watch out on Sunday. It sets up for a trap game.

24. Denver Broncos (previous ranking: 21)

Don’t fear, Broncos fans! Blake Bortles is coming in to save the day!

25. Philadelphia Eagles (previous ranking: 20)

I’ve never really understood the fascination with Carson Wentz. It seems like people around the league are starting to question it as well.

26. Atlanta Falcons (previous ranking: 25)

Atlanta’s offense will be fun to watch all season, but Dan Quinn is toast.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (previous ranking: 28)

Probably don’t need Joe Burrow throwing the ball 60 times per game as a rookie, but he’s shown glimpses of being something to be very excited about for Cincy fans!

28. Carolina Panthers (previous ranking: 24)

Christian McCaffrey injured his ankle on Sunday and will be out for multiple games. That pretty much destroys any chance, albeit small, the Panthers may have had.

29. Miami Dolphins (previous ranking: 30)

Much better effort from FitzMagic in week 2 rather than week 1 but still a long way to go for the Dolphins.

30. Detroit Lions (previous ranking: 29)

I feel so bad for Lions fans. There may not be a fan base in all of sports that suffers as much as they do. They became the first team in NFL history to blow double-digit leads in four consecutive games.

31. New York Giants (previous ranking: 31)

With Saquon Barkley out for the year, it’s hard to decide which team in New York is worse.

32. New York Jets (previous ranking: 32)

I’ll still give the edge to these losers, though.

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