FC Cincinnati Has Been a Disaster

Disclaimer, this is a joke. We are just poking fun at THIS article written by The Pride supporters group last November, so chill out…

Are we allowed to talk about how terrible Cincinnati’s MLS team has been? Top to bottom, this entire organization is well on track to continue being a huge failure. I’m a Nashville soccer fan, trust me on this one.

From their front office, to fans removing banners, to the team they’re putting together, I’m just not seeing where a success is going to come from. And you know what, if I’m wrong, great. At worst we get a well run successful MLS franchise near Nashville to play games against for years to come. But I don’t think we’re going to get that.

MLS hasn’t had an expansion team fail out of the gate yet. LAFC and Atlanta are the new standard for success in the league. Minnesota has incredible fan support, a beautiful brand new stadium, and a team on the upswing. Even Nashville SC filled Nissan stadium for their only home match before the pandemic. Yes my arm is tired from patting myself on the back. Going back a little further we have NYCFC and Orlando. NYCFC plays on a baseball field and doesn’t have nearly the fanbase the league probably expected them to have, but they play in the largest media market in the country and have been one of the most successful teams on the field since entering the league. Orlando, the original USL darling turned MLS franchise hit the ground running with a huge star signing in Kaka, crazy fan support, and a beautiful stadium all their own.

My point is, new teams in MLS tend to get off to a great start with rabid fan support, good on field performances, beautiful stadiums, star players, or some combination of those.

Cincinnati has one of those, attendance. (for now) Trust me, they wont let you forget about it … That and their two wooden spoons is essentially all they have.

Fan Support

They don’t have much of a fan base to speak of. I mean look, the removed their only way of supporting their team during the pandemic. tsk tsk tsk.


Their new stadium is cool, if you’re super into German space ships or off brand Roombas

On The Field


The Logo

I gotta rag on this stupid logo. Do you get it? Their city is known for sword wielding lions ruling the city. DO YOU GET IT? LIONS. (yeah me neither, but go pointy lions I guess)


Prove me wrong Cincinnati. But everything I’ve seen so far leads me to believe this franchise has fallen flat on its face.

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