Nashville SC Meme Review

If there is one thing we here at Has Been appreciate about the NSC community, its that you guys are a bunch of meme lords. Its amazing! Sooooo, I thought that every couple of weeks I would screenshot, review & rate some of our favorite Nashville SC memes. 1. Bob the Tomato What started off … Continue reading Nashville SC Meme Review

My Take on the Stanley Cup Playoff Format

To be completely transparent, I started to write this article as a way to protest the current playoff format. I still plan on doing just that. However, what I found when I dove deeper into the standings for each conference was pretty surprising to me. I expected a few first round matches to not change, … Continue reading My Take on the Stanley Cup Playoff Format

Patrick’s Picks Week 2

Week 1 Recap Well I didn't exactly nail it in week 1. I ended up going 5-11 picking games. Some big games of note: Louisville City getting their teeth kicked in by North Carolina FC Saint Louis picked up an early win in what could easily be a Playoff Semifinal San Antonio drew Phoenix in … Continue reading Patrick’s Picks Week 2

Welcome to Patrick’s Picks

Hello my name is Patrick and I’m the newest and best contributor to HasBeen. Each Wednesday I’ll be predicting the following weeks USL Championship’s slate of games. First my "credentials" I’m a season ticket holder of the greatest USL team that’s ever been Louisville City FC. My name can be found on the plaque outside … Continue reading Welcome to Patrick’s Picks