My Problem With Nike Soccer Jerseys

Here at HasBeenSports, we're no strangers to voicing our opinions on new jerseys from the teams we love. We've talked about the Preds and Adidas, and now it's Nike's turn. Tuesday morning, teams that are sponsored by Nike released their third kits for the season. In typical Nike fashion, they all look the same with [...]

If you are a Predators fan you will LOVE Nashville SC.

I was only 5 years old when Nashville played their first season in the NHL. I am apart of the lucky generation that barely remembers a time without the Predators. Some of my favorite childhood memories were watching players like Cliff Ronning, Mike Dunham and David Legwand play in the then named Gaylord entertainment center. [...]

Patrick Kane is actually upset that Nashville played defense…

So apparently it rubbed cry baby Kane the wrong way that Nashville actually played defense against him... Kane: "They kind of sat back but their transition game is fast and they played with a lot of speed the other way that gave us problems."— Mark Lazerus (@MarkLazerus) April 22, 2017 // What did he expect? [...]