Ok ok's not necessarily the first game of the season and it's not NSC but damn it WE RAISE A BANNER TONIGHT!!!!!! Am I a little over the top when it comes to a banner that just says hey you made it to the finals but didn't win? HELL NO I'm not. This is [...]


This post today is for you Mr. Jeff Rueter. You got all of our hopes up with your loaded tweet saying Nashville had been confirmed as a city for the MLS expansion. Actually our hopes are already high because here at HasBeenSports, we have set our sites on the MLS since day one. I can't [...]

Add the USL already

This wont be a very long article, I just wanted to put this out there. The USL is one of, if not the fastest growing league in the world and I think I speak for everyone when I say its time they get the nod from EA. I'm not asking for stadiums, I'm not asking [...]

Best Sniffs in Nashville

There are some amazing smells in our city, but here are the 10 YOU voted as the best. I present you the 2017 Sniff list! 10. Fresh Cut Grass at Centennial A historic sniff for a historic park. 9. The GooGoo Cluster store Tucked away on 3rd avenue is a wonderland of smells and delicious [...]

A Great Day For Sports In Tennessee

Another weekend has passed and some great things happened in the area of sports for this great state of Tennessee. First off congrats to Austin Peay for finally snapping their 29 game losing streak. Not only did they win but they trounced Morehead State 69 (NICE!!!!) to 13. With the blowout victory they pass the [...]

The Sniff List

So let me explain, a couple of weeks ago I was watching a vlog from Burnie Burns (Co-Founder of Roosterteeth productions) where he takes British YouTuber and co-worker Gavin Free out to get his first pair of cowboy boots in celebration of his 5th year in Texas. Long story short when Gavin walked into the [...]