A Great Day For Sports In Tennessee

Another weekend has passed and some great things happened in the area of sports for this great state of Tennessee. First off congrats to Austin Peay for finally snapping their 29 game losing streak. Not only did they win but they trounced Morehead State 69 (NICE!!!!) to 13. With the blowout victory they pass the [...]

The Sniff List

So let me explain, a couple of weeks ago I was watching a vlog from Burnie Burns (Co-Founder of Roosterteeth productions) where he takes British YouTuber and co-worker Gavin Free out to get his first pair of cowboy boots in celebration of his 5th year in Texas. Long story short when Gavin walked into the [...]

My Problem With Nike Soccer Jerseys

Here at HasBeenSports, we're no strangers to voicing our opinions on new jerseys from the teams we love. We've talked about the Preds and Adidas, and now it's Nike's turn. Tuesday morning, teams that are sponsored by Nike released their third kits for the season. In typical Nike fashion, they all look the same with [...]

How Bout Them ‘Dores!!!!

GLORIOUS!!!! NO I WON'T GIVE IN, I WON'T GIVE IN. TILL I'M VICTORIOUS, YES I WILL DEFEND, I WILL DEFEND!!!! Man does it feel so great to be able to say the Vanderbilt is not one of the teams in the SEC who started off the season with a loss. Yeah yeah yeah, a lot [...]

Battle of Middle Tennessee

Here we go!!!!!!!!!! It's that time of year again. OHHHHHHHHHH YEAH it's the biggest game of the year baby!!! The one we've all been waiting for. The Super Bowl of week 1. The battle for Middle Tennessee is upon us once again and this time it's taking Murfreesboro by storm. So get your grills set [...]